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Life and Lessons

Happy Holidays everyone…. I hope we took some time to rest and enjoy the festivities as best as we could given the whole event of 2020.

A week ago, I was at the dental office to take out my wisdom teeth and as the dentist dentists were struggling to get them out, I let the situation speak to me. At the beginning of the year, I had gone for my routine dental appointment as part of what I wanted to do right this year. I realised that I didn’t maximize my dental benefits in the last couple of years because I never went for my appointments……a girl could not be bothered plus I assumed I didn’t have no issues with my teeth at all. Yes, I had some nagging pains every now and again but nothing that was concerning atleast in my opinion.

So, at my initial appointment my dentist highlighted a plan for the year and part of that plan was to take out my upper wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth had to go ☹ no date was set but I got my instructions. Interestingly this was instrumental for me in setting my intentions. It wasn’t even an intention I set consciously but every time I felt a toothache, I would look in the mirror and tell God that I needed to take the teeth out in the course of the year. I didn’t create a ritual around this and that’s why to me it’s some unconscious intention but now when I look back, I realize that I had several times in the course of the year that I said those words out loud and I can see how even when I wasn’t paying attention I was setting my intentions for what I wanted. It took months before my insurance claims approval came back but interestingly, I got to get the wisdom teeth out before the end of the year. The lesson for me in this was don’t be so fixated on the “how” and “when” keep going and don’t waver just trust that God will make things happen when it should happen.

Last year my upper wisdom teeth wasn’t giving me unbearable issues as a matter of fact I could go on several months or even years prior without feeling any kind of pain but any time I would feel pain it was quite unbearable. I asked the dentist why the wisdom teeth had to go and if I don’t extract them it shouldn’t matter those where my lines of questioning lol…. The dentist told me they were not of any use to me and they will continue to grow because the set below them was missing so nothing will stop the ones at the top from growing further and it will cause me issues in the long run. There was no lie in all that was said because months down the line while waiting for insurance approval one of the teeth broke and I was also told I had cavity in both. My wisdom teeth belonged in my mouth they made my dentition complete but the fact that something has been in your life for so long just taking up space and causing you occasional pain doesn’t mean you leave them there without evaluating their usefulness. There are so many things we hold on to that we should be letting go off.

On the day of the extraction, with every pressure I felt my mind was set on the relief that was going to come, knowing that I won’t be waking up to tooth ache caused by my wisdom teeth again I endured the pressure and afterwards the pain that came with the extraction. In life we need to always count our cost and remove from our life things that are just occupying space so that we can free ourselves of some unnecessary shackles. Let’s be honest yanking anything off whether a bad habit, an unproductive relationship, leaving our comfort zone or moving on from a dead-end job is not going to come painless but we need to cut unnecessary attachment to stuff that’s occupying space without any real added value.

Don’t be so addicted to deadweight that you decide to stay loyal to it under the guise of “it doesn’t bother me”. Be brutally honest with yourself set you intentions for a better you whatever that looks like and face the deadweight with every sense of honesty and take steps to let it fall off. You can’t travel with a bag load of chaff and lie to yourself that you have a bag full of gold. If you want gold you need to go find it and be intentional about finding it. Gold in this context is metaphorical and it means anything that’ll bring you joy and spark the fire in you.

As we push forward into another new year take a good look at yourself ask yourself pertinent questions set your intentions on what you want, if there are things that need to leave even if you think they are not a discomfort now but you know they are holding you back from being a better version of yourself then you need to trust your life in God’s hands and be ready to put the work in to uproot and let go. God will always meet us at the point of obedience don’t hold on to anything longer than you should especially when they are not serving you in any way. There’s a lot of freedom waiting on the other side of letting go.

You deserve to be the best version of yourself that you were created to be. Declutter and travel light.

Love & Light

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