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Working in 2020 looks a lot different from what it was less than a year ago. This year has required some type of adjustments from us humans. At the start of Covid-19 it became apparent that I needed to start facilitating online workshops and somehow, I got everything right but couldn’t get my lighting issue right. This bothered me and lot, I played around with different settings and I even contemplated spending additional money to get a new lamp just to add additional light to my workstation so that I can have a well-lit background for my online sessions.

After several months of thinking about it but ignoring it I decided over the weekend to rearranged my workstation and bam it clicked….. my sitting position has been backing the light and my lamp was positioned on the side and even though I had enough light in the area I needed to make some adjustments to maximize the effect. The little adjustment of repositioning my lamp was all I needed to make to change everything. I did not need to spend any additional money for anything or do any major change to my workstation.

What this lesson taught me is that sometimes the answer we need to help us move up and start operating on a different level is hidden in plain sight and if we are not living in the moment and operating at a level of mindfulness we may miss what we need to get the result that we want.

Secondly, you can decide to stay in the same spot because you feel helpless and you feel like change will cost so much and instead of making the little adjustment you decide to continue to live with a mediocre version of your dream when all you need to do is tweak a  bit and you will unlock your next level. Don’t stay the same because you feel you can’t afford what the price tag that change presents.

I learn majorly from little things like this. This lesson brought perspective and also taught me yet again never to settle for less when I’m made for more. I don’t know what you need to tweak… it may be the business idea, it may be your exercise routine, it may be your diet, it may be your willingness to stand out of your own way… don’t be afraid to make the little adjustments that may end up making a big difference in your life.

You may not have all the answers you need to make your adjustments but don’t box yourself into believing what you have right now is the best version of you. Be open minded enough to tweak as you go in life.

Love & Light ❤

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