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Dealing with REJECTION

The word rejection is not a new word and it is not new territory to anyone. Whether it is the fact that you were not picked for the job or the date didn’t call back after you felt everything went well, or you were overlooked for the promotion. There isn’t one person walking the face of this earth that has not felt the sting of rejection and the disappointment that comes with being overlooked for something that was so important and that you felt you deserved.

It can cut deep but rejection is not the end of the story because better is always in our future regardless of how we feel in the moment. As I sat down this morning with the feeling of gratitude and contentment, I appreciated my own growth over the years, and I would like to share some tips to help you deal with rejection:

Acceptance: For us to heal the first thing we will always have to do is to accept the situation. Don’t try to gloss over it or push it aside. Accept the situation for what it is, embrace it and get up from it. We don’t heal from what we don’t accept. Acceptance is your first step to moving forward. We can’t live in denial and act like we didn’t hurt in the process. For it to be termed rejection it meant something to us to start with. So, accept things for what they are and move on from it.

Mindset: This is an important aspect; we need to do a mindset check every now and again. There is a belief that we reproduce in real life what we think about. If you are dealing with a constant bout of rejection, it’s time to check your thought pattern to know what you are constantly looping. If you always have the mindset that good things don’t come to you, you are not good enough, everyone gets it but you and you find yourself rolling this reel of negativity, it’s time to fix your mindset. This will take a lot of work because there’s a root cause for this kind of mindset. Don’t be afraid to face your mindset and work to break patterns of negative thoughts so that you can start seeing different results in your life.

Let go and embrace the next adventure: After you have accepted and addressed your mindset you need not internalize rejection. Always know that what is meant for you will find you and what you missed would not have been able to fill you up. Let it go and believe yours is coming. Go out there and be ready to face the next adventure with open hands and heart.

Be Positive: Know that you are ENOUGH. Whether your rejection came from a job you din’t get even though you interviewed well, a relationship break-up, or a promotion you didn’t get. Know this, you are built right for the right opportunities and you have all it takes to win and excel. Forgive the people who overlooked you and know that you are enough for the right person, job, or promotion. A better door is in your future and great things are still on the way to you. Stay positive and don’t give up.

Rejection can be painful and make you second guess your significance but don’t ever feel like a failure take the lessons you have learned and continue on your grind because one day you will look back and be thankful for all the times you felt the sting of rejection. Use everything to build yourself into a better version of you.

Everything will work together for good!

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