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Earlier today I was watching a clip on social media from a TV show I follow on and of because your girl is busy and can’t keep up with TV.πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰Β  In this clip that I watched the players were divided into 2 groups. They had a game to play that required a participant to be blindfolded and kick a ball into a goalpost and one of their team mates was chosen to pick the ball and place in front of the blindfolded person who will then kick it into the goalpost they were timed for this game so the pressure was on.

When they started the coordination wasn’t great and the ball kept missing the goalpost and the blindfolded individual kept asking the other person picking the ball… how am I doing? is it working? and even though it wasn’t working the person placing the ball for them kept telling the blindfolded team mate you are the best, you are doing wonderful, you are doing great. After a while, the blindfolded person started kicking the ball in the goalpost and their team eventually won the game. πŸ€©πŸ™Œ

I sat back and even though it was a short clip, I had tears in my eyes because this clip reminded me of life and the quote above from Maya Angelou. In life, we are all involved in different games things that always require our best efforts. Sometimes even when we are giving our best, we are not sure we are doing well because there are too many things stopping us from seeing the results of all the work we are putting into this dream or work. Other times we tend to be too critical of ourselves and we start second guessing our own talents and gifts.

So as we journey in life it’s important to have the right people in our corner cheering for us letting us know that even when we feel like we are losing we are not alone. We need to be surrounded by people who will call us to our greatness and help us see it even when we can’t really see it.

I am all for having the right people in my life and I am a big believer of keep the circle small with the right people. But I am a bigger believer in “be the right person for the people in your life“. Before you compile a list of what you want “in your friends” I hope you reflect what you have on the list “to your friends”. I do not believe in asking people to be what I am not prepared to be to them.

That said, I hope we learn and show up each day to be a voice that let the people in our life know when they need to get their acts together and step up. I also pray that we do not do it in a critical, malicious, or judgmental way. I hope we step up and cheer loudest for the people life places in our path and continue to root for them until they are able to believe and see the greatness that they have on the inside of them. I hope when the pressure is much and it’s hard to see through the tears, we are that calm voice that let the people in our lives know they are doing well, they are the best and they are not their circumstances. I hope we are the people who call out other people’s victory alongside them even when they are having a hard time seeing it in the moment.

Continue to put goodness in the world one life at a time! πŸ’–

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