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Blog 2

It’s interesting that with quarantine which is meant to isolate us and give us more “me” time the world managed to invent a new avenue to have us bombarded whether it’s by work meetings or by people who just feel like they need to release content on all social media platform and we need to learn some more.

At the initial start of the whole lockdown your girl realised she had some time on her hand 🤣and she was ready to get on that whole “learn something new” train that was moving and making us believe that if we don’t come out with content or products by the time quarantine was over we might as well count ourselves failures.

Listen i’m no lazy human and i look out for ways to learn and also improve and develop myself. I’m startegic and i prioritize my personal development. But this time we are not home on a vacation we are dealing with a pandemic and we all deal differently and it’s important to remember to show grace to ourselves on days when we just can’t take it. Nobody has been down this road before and we are all taking it one day at a time with the help of God.

At the start, your girl was always clicking on IGLive and i was receiving links upon links to several zoom meetings to attend, catching up on myriad of messages on whatsapp group chats then to add onto this work kinda had their own team meetings on a daily. When i say it was crazy it was crazy. 😣

This got me thinking about life and how we allow ourselves to be bombarded with commitment to others and things that don’t even serve us just because we let ourselves believe we can’t say NO or we are just not a good steward of our own time. We get so committed to the motions that we start to lose ourselves and we start neglecting our self-care.

One of the biggest gift you will ever give yourself on a daily basis is the gift of spending time with yourself.💗 I mean really seeing yourself for you. You need to get to the point where you drop everything and just sit with yourself. Even if you get one hour everyday to say no to everything else and pick yourself you will gain a lot from this. God has shown us grace and it’s important that we bask in that grace and show ourselves grace.

I’m grateful work finally figured out a way to not have everyday team meetings and also your girl scrolls past any IG live or zoom link that’s not within my alloted scheduled time for external things. It’s okay to let people do what they do and you miss out without having any FOMO.

Don’t lose yourself trying to be everything to all people. Look after yourself and show yourself grace everyday.

Continue to stay safe.

Love & Light! 💖

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