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blogHow is everyone doing on this good Saturday day? This is a question that i ask a lot these days and when i ask i mean it. When i make calls and ask my family or friends how are you? i am very attentive and open to hearing their responses. It’s not that i was never attentive before now it’s just that now i’m more intentional about asking and receiving a response. One thing your girl is working on this year and one thing that has been my take away from Covid-19.

The world has changed on us this past few months and when we arrived in 2020 on the 1st day of January with all of our hopes and aspiration packed in our imaginary duffel bags none of us could have looked and saw what our world looks like today. The pandemic has been so devastating to say the least, and now our outfit ain’t complete if we don’t mask up and our beauty/health routine now includes washing our hands several times in the day and wiping down areas. If you open any purse you are sure to find hand sanitizer and our grocery shopping looks something like taking calculated business risks but all in all our God is still good.

At the start of the year i actually created my vision board that i strategically placed across from my eye view from my bed so that i can see it every time my eyes open and i can talk to God about it and also go to work on it. I realised that with all the things that has happened i have kept blogging at the back burner and i told myself this year i will get to this again and just try as much as i can to encourage and uplift someones faith.

So, this is me getting back on this road to pen my thoughts and to just add value to my world. I hope you are preparing for the summer even though there isn’t much that can be done but make sure you still do some fun things with family and friends but not neglecting the safety guidelines in your country of residence.

Let me know in the comments what interesting things you will be getting up to now that the sun is coming out.😁🥰

PS: i just realised my last blog post was about a year ago there must be something about spring/summer that makes my heart glad. But seriously your girl gotta do better.😊

Peace and light❤ continue to stay safe out there.

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