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Finding your way to better!!


Say what! January is just about wrapping up and I hope you’ve done good with your new year resolution so far. I’m not a huge fan of resolutions because I know we only write them to break them. lol! What I believe in though is having vision statements and mission statements that are more detailed and one can go over their life holistically and appraise ones self and also set achievable goals that help in fulfilling the vision and mission.

 We all want to be better humans. We want to do better, feel better, act better and just generally deal better in life. We are not talking perfection because that’s just you setting yourself up for failure and frustration but you want to work on yourself so that you are always one step closer to the best version of yourself there is.

It’s easy to say I want to change and even start on the process but then we lose steam and fall back to old ways because staying the same is just “easy” and it doesn’t require us to stretch in any way. But the risk with staying the same is you will always achieve the same results that stops you short of being the better version of yourself. There is an upgraded version of who you are that is worth birthing but you have to be willing to put the work in on a daily basis

Let me share just 4 steps below that you could consider to help you stick to your plans through this journey of finding the better version of yourself:

1. Understand your WHY– it’s one thing to want to change, it’s another thing to really understand why you need to change. If your why isn’t strong enough your passion for the change will not hold. So to sustain your process you need to truly understand why you want to change. Why do you want to lose the weight, why do you want to change your career, why do you want to relocate, why do you want to find peace within yourself. Understanding your why will let you know how much this means to you and what your life will look like when it finally happens. Your why will also let you know if you are doing this for yourself or for other people’s approval. If you don’t want change for yourself you won’t be motivated enough to follow through on your decision.

2. Give yourself a call to action: I’m sure we have all clicked on some websites that have requested us to commit to something by filling out a form it’s the same way you should view your journey once you’ve written your vision. Set for yourself a daily call to action that you know you can stick to but still challenges you and requires effort from you. 

3. Hold yourself accountable: so now you understand your why, and you have drawn your call to action. It’s time to hold yourself accountable to ensure that you follow through. If you don’t trust yourself to deliver on your daily promise to yourself you may want to find an accountability buddy that will help you by providing support to you and also telling you the truth when you are not living up to your own expectations.

4. Celebrate your small wins: some change take longer than others to see results. Some things you want to change may take you several months before you start seeing the return on your investment and some may take just a few days regardless of how long it takes don’t be so hard on yourself don’t think of how far you have to go, think of how far you’ve come and how committed you are to yourself on this journey of becoming a better version of yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back for sticking to the plan and continue on your journey. Celebrate the small wins but don’t quit before you achieve your results.
The better version of yourself will emerge as long as you don’t give up on yourself. Even if nobody is rooting for your better version make sure you are rooting for yourself. You are the best you’ve got.
You are never alone

Love and Light 


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