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Lesson from a 2 year old!!


A few days ago I learnt a very important lesson from my 2 years old niece. She was getting ready for school and her mum needed to quickly attend to something and as such it became my duty to keep an eye on her. I walked into her room with hopes of getting her ready for school myself. She looked at me and refused to cooperate, in her own words “i want my mummy”. 

My niece knew she needed help getting ready for school but when help came (in the form of Aunty) because it was packaged differently she refused. So getting ready for school took more time that morning because little Miss 2 years old “bosslady” had her mind made up on who should get her ready for school. She’d rather continue to wait for her assistance to come the way she had envisioned it in her royal empire (that is her 2 year old brain) than take one that was readily available.

There and then it hit me that we as adults sometimes act like children we refuse an opportunity just because it didn’t not appear in a package we expected. We have set our prayer point and our mind is so fixed on how things should look, what the person offering the help should look like or what the opportunities we are after should look like.

Somehow we meet someone who has the ability to help us get our desired result and we mess it up just because they don’t look like the type of person we have envisioned. We see some opportunities that could change our lives but because it doesn’t come packed like we imagined and hasn’t got the attached perks we have imagined we decide this can’t be the opportunity that will change our life.

 Sometimes your opportunity to meet the person for your next level will require that you take  up an offer to work in a particular office branch that you don’t have your mind set on don’t walk away because if you skip this opportunity you may never find them. Sometimes you may have to take a lower paying job to get to the higher paying position with the corner office you have envisioned. You may have to take that job on the shop floor with longer hours so you can acquire some client relations and interpersonal skills before you get your promotion as a supervisor.

This is not a call to settle but a a reminder that you should be discerning because sometimes God switches things up on us. Don’t expect that because God showed up in a certain way yesterday He will always show up like that. When we don’t understand we just have to pray for discernment and trust that God and You got this. 

Let’s be clear sometimes opportunities will show up exactly the way we have envisioned it but other times opportunities will show up not looking anything like we have envisioned. The fact that some things don’t come wrapped in the kind of gift wrap we asked for doesn’t make it anything less magical.

Don’t miss your blessing because it doesn’t come packaged in the way you envisioned it to be. 

You are never alone

Love and Light 


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