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Does God have a plan for me ??


The clouds above your head is so thick, the ground around you so steep and the prayer book that once recorded many ticks for answered prayers seem to not have recorded answers at all in a while. You look up and you look down, you look around you in a bid to find an answer to why nothing seems to be working but all you can come up with is God do you still have plans for me?

Waiting season and dry seasons sometimes are words we use often when we are going through a season of no productivity. “Waiting” this when something is delayed and you have to wait a little bit longer before you get your shot and sometimes you are waiting in just one area in your life but things are still happening in other areas of your life.”Dryness” on the other hand means to be unproductive. It’s a season where nothing is yielding fruit and all the areas of your life is just shut down and nothing is working.Like everyone I know I want to be in season at all times. I want to be productive and I want to make progress but what do you do when you have to wait or even when you are not in the waiting room but you are visited by a dry season.

The divorce is signed, sealed and delivered and you seem lost because now you have to learn how to navigate the scene alone as a single parent and get used to going over every thing by yourself. You’ve watched the bank account go from a few millions or thousands to zero. Your change has become strange. You have submitted resumes and filled out applications till you are left wondering if those mails ever dropped at the right mailbox because if it did then you should have an answer by now. You’ve watched calls from friends and allies drop down from 20 or more calls a day to 5 and now the phone doesn’t even ring save a random irrelevant sales and marketing call from the phone provider. You wake up and everyday you are starring the same situation in the face and you are left wondering…Does God have plans for my life?

If this was a norm then it could be safe to conclude that God and His heavenly armies have gone on vacation from humans but yet you hear people share their testimonies of how God picked them up and how they sort of put heaven on a timer and things worked and this further buttresses the scripture you know all too well…..”He that watches over you does not sleep nor slumber” (Psalm 121:4). But if you go by this dryness then you can be tempted to conclude maybe God isn’t just here for me anymore and the question pops up again….. Does God have a plans for me? 

 It will be okay if you are not serving God because you will be able to conclude that the difference between you and all these other testifiers will have to be the God factor. But wait a minute they pray and you pray, they sow and you sow, they fast and you fast, they speak “it” into the atmosphere and you also do the same but they get result and you don’t get. 

If we are all going to be honest the dry season can play with our minds so much to make us think we are forgotten. But my post today is to encourage you DON’T LOSE HOPE. Before you start to think there is a problem with you and God must definitely have favourites I want you to know God doesn’t have favourites. I mean how could He?? if He’s the God that makes the rain fall on the just and the unjust (Matthew 5:45) and I’m talking rain the showers from heaven that grows our crops and make us have harvest so we don’t go into famine. God gives rain to everybody.That same God is your Father and before you write yourself out of the will by questioning if God still has plans for you then know this Jeremiah 29:11 (for I know the thoughts that I think towards you thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end) is still in the bible and if there is anything I know for sure the beautiful thoughts you have for yourself can never out weigh the awesome thoughts God has for you. 

Relax God has a plan and He’s got the strategy for your breakthrough. He knew you will be here and He knew you will have this questions but unlike you He’s not lost or confused as to how to change it and turn it around.

Let me quickly highlight below some steps to keep you going while you navigate the waiting room and dry season

1. Walk in alignment with God: stay in agreement with God. God gives us instructions ensure that you are daily following it. Check that you are in the right location God has for your life and by location I don’t just mean “place” I mean “positioning”. Because if the location is wrong the blessing ain’t going to follow. So you have to be sure that you are positioned right in God through Christ. Don’t let what you don’t see dictate how you want to live with God. Let God call the shot no matter what you face.

2. Continue to Pray and Speak the promises: the bible says if the cloud be full it will rain down (Ecclesiastes 11:3). In the same way we say every storm eventually runs out of rain is the same way we can say every full cloud will rain down. But you have to be mindful of what your cloud will rain down. If all you’ve poured up there is negativity that will continue to breed the cycle of negativity. Don’t be the reason why you stay stuck in dryness longer than expected. So get in the word, get your prayers up and speak those promises.

3. Volunteer: most times our thoughts are tormented when we are alone. Get among people, volunteer in church and community activities. Stay active by providing for others what you wish was provided for you. Don’t sit around and wait for a pity party. Get active even if it’s for a couple of hours weekly just painting a smile on someone’s face. Don’t just sit a rounding waiting for a miracle out action to your faith. Even when we think we have no hope left to give I guarantee you we do. Somebody out there needs your smile even if you have to force that smile and paint it on. Even in your broken state never forget that you are still an answer to someone’s prayers. So get up and go be an answer in 2018  

4. Study the Bible: the word you hear has a way of uplifting you and inspiring hope in you so while you navigate the dry season of your life make sure you are getting the right words into you. “Faith” and I mean problem solving faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17). What you hear impacts your thoughts and your thoughts dictate your actions/results. So the solution you require to change the situation can only be found with the God who knows all things. So read the word, whether you are reading alone, or listening from a podcast, a devotional or a book don’t go without studying God’s word.

5. Take it one day at a time: Don’t look at how long you’ve been in the dryness or in the waiting game or how long left you have to go. Just stay focused on one day at a time and ask for the strength to make it through each day. This will help put you in a good mental state that is required for cultivating solutions and even hearing God when He gives you instructions. You need a sound mind to walk through this season so avoid taking on unnecessary worries. Set yourself a self-care plan that helps boost your mental health.

I know the dry season is tough because I’ve been there. I know each day can be a battle and I know giving up looks like the next best thing to do but trust me that isn’t an option because the bible says “He that will come will come and not delay” (Hebrews 10:37). And to answer you heart aching question YES GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE. God and His mega awesome plans for your life is going to arrive and your testimony will help heal other people in your future.

You are never alone. 

Love and Light 


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