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2016 Mantra



If you are like me you are sitting back at this point reflecting and counting your blessings to see how far you came in 2016. I don’t even have enough vocabulary to put in words what 2016 has been and all it has taught me. But i’ll just say it this way  IT’S BEEN REAL.

Today is officially the last Friday and the last work day of 2016 atleast for those who are on the 9-5 type job. Even though this year my thinking has somewhat shifted and i’m asking myself more is there any such thing as 9-5 anymore i think we have more “when i wake till i stop” kinda clock. But as i sit back and reflect on the year I’ve had i can only be thankful.

My personal mantra this year with every thing that has been thrown my way is that “God never ends a story without bringing back the glory”. This i have found to be true even as i struggled to accept some certain experiences that i would have wanted a different outcome for.

If your heart is heavy as we round off 2016 i pray you find the courage to look inwards and still know that there is still something to be thankful for.I pray you can gather the mustard seed faith to believe for more as you journey on in life. I have learnt that we may never have all of our prayers answered within a time-frame of any particular calendar year but that shouldn’t cloud our hopes that things will get better and our lives is on to something good.

In every aspect of our lives we are where we are for a reason and sometimes those reasons are as simple as we failing to move forward with our dreams.So if you are not moving forward before you play the blame game asking questions that isn’t beneficial to you in anyway you may want to ask yourself point blank “WHO IS RESPONSIBLE” for me not moving forward. The quality of the questions we ask ourselves will determine the actions we take and the results we get. So sometimes it’s not others standing in our way and its not God not answering our prayers it just us not facing the truth about ourselves.So as we close out 2016 it’s time to sit with ourselves and ask quality questions that inspire us to be better people in 2017.

For me in 2016 i am thankful for every high, low, reconnect, disconnect, happy, sad, answered prayers, silent moment and everything in-between. What doesn’t break us make us stronger and that’s the truth. And my mantra really came true for me God never ends a story without bringing back the glory.

I hope to do better in 2017 with blogging more because this year i know i haven’t been in this space much. But from next year there is a schedule in place.

Here is to closing 2016 out with a bang and wishing that 2017 we are better people for God first, then ourselves and then for all of the lives attached to our existence.

Stay winning!





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