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You are enough for your purpose

We all play different roles in this life. And so often we define ourselves by what we do, what our relationship status is and what we have in our bank account. When people ask to meet us we want to give our name and quickly add what we do so they don’t think we are irrelevant or beneath them in any way.

We all want to feel relevant and we will revel in titles even if the duties of those titles make us feel inadequate because we don’t think we are doing well at service delivery. We wear our roles like scarlet letters so everyone can read it and rate us successful.
I’m not against titles and I’m not against giving a grand introduction of yourself if you need to. But you can’t let your identity be tied down to a set of activities and  you lose the meaning in your existence everytime life threatens to rip you off your title. 
I want you to ask yourself who you are apart from what you do, where you live, who you are related to and how many followers you have on Instagram. As I’ve grown older I have come to see the fickleness in titles and the roller coaster our lives may take in a split second. I know what it is to be sure of your standing and what you have and also how all these fancy things can leave and you are left depleted and confused about why you are here and if you are ever enough.
I’ve walked the hard long and lonely road of inadequacy where you stand in front of the mirror and wonder if you are ever enough to be you. I’ve battled voices in my head in the dark moments of life that replay all of my failures and remind me that I will amount to nothing and I will never be enough for my destiny.
To be enough means to know that you are sufficient for your PURPOSE. This has nothing to do with your relationship status or your bank account figures or the likes you get on Instagram or the number of favourites or retweets. 

Being ENOUGH has to do with you coming to an acknowledgement that your have been equipped to deliver your destiny.Being enough is knowing that you are not defined by your failure or by your success but you are defined by the word of God that makes you realise on a daily basis that before you came on scene to take on all this responsibilities you were already prepackaged with everything that you needed to succeed at your destiny.

So before you go on thinking that if you don’t introduce yourself as Mrs XYZ the daughter of Jo Blog business tycoon the embers of history will not echo your name. Or you feel inadequate because you think you don’t have so many things that “qualifies people as being enough” I need you to think again…….. Jer 1:5 says before you were born I knew you and I ordained you. God already prepacked you for success so don’t second guess your significance. Tell the voices that hold their AGM in your head to take a sit because beyond all the things the world labels you as and all that they question you for and all that you put yourself down for I need you to know that you are enough. You are adequate and there is no one like you in this generation.

Yes there will be lonely days and dark nights where your fears will speak louder than your faith and your questions will speak greater than the solution that you are. But be confident and fight the good fight of faith and speak life over yourself reminding yourself that you are a whole lot of things but the fact that you are enough trumps all the other things
Never feel inadequate you are sufficient for your purpose.

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