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Value what is in your hand

Have you ever met that one person who just never likes anything about them. They just don’t celebrate anything about who they are on the way to who they are becoming. They could complain from now till Jericho about everything not working right and all that is going down hill.They admire other people and see the courage in others but they just can’t seem to find the light in their own lives. They are constantly feeling the sense of lack even when they are sitting on their fountain of wealth.

Maybe you’ve not met such a one or maybe you are the one. I have one word for you value what you have. Don’t go looking round and don’t keep wondering what do you have. There is a certificate, a skill, an achievement, a personality etc that you are sitting on. So before you turn round and feel like you are the only one in the pack not blessed I need you to look around and celebrate what you have. Because what you hold in your hand is the seed you need to bring your dream to reality.

There  was a time in my life I felt like I had nothing even though I was blessed. I was always looking for something else because I just felt what I have isn’t enough or isn’t right to get me through. I felt all the things I have seem not to be working whereas these are all the things other people who I admire have and they are working it. I learnt that the difference between me and the others who seem to have it together is that they value what they have and they work what they have. I changed my perception over time and I started valuing what I have and believe me my life has changed just by working what I have.

The widow in the Bible (2 kings 4:1-7) comes to mind at this point. This widow represents everyone who has the seed that holds the potential to change their lives but who just never value what they have. She was broke and on her way to losing her priceless gifts (her sons) and she went to the prophet (one who could connect her seed to her future) and he asked her one question -what is in your hand? Since she didn’t think she had anything of value she said she had nothing but a little oil. Are you looking at your certificate, your skills, your little bank account, your infectious personality, your ability to piece things together like no one else can etc and you are saying you have nothing. She paid debts and saved her household from that same little oil she didn’t think was significant or enough. The oil was still the little oil like she said but what changed was that she learnt how to work the little oil.

Thank God this woman knew where to go. Had she gone to hang around the wrong person with the wrong mindset like her she would have probably died in penury and her sons taken away to pay debts that their father owed. But she was wise enough to go to the prophet who knew how to make her see the value of the seed that she thought was so insignificant. The miracle was in her home all along but because she didn’t know how to operate it she stayed beneath her potential to be an entrepreneur. 

Quit hanging around people who dont value what they have. Delete yourself from the circle of moaners, whiners and complainers. Find people who will help you reach within yourself to find the value in you. Go after people who keep you hungry for greatness. But most importantly change your perspective and let the things you think are so insignificant begin to work for you. There is value in you and there is value in what you call insignificant. Get up and go work it.

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