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Yesterday while studying my bible, the above scripture was my verses of focus. It’s the story of the Shunammite woman. I must tell you I have read those same verses before but the lessons learnt from sitting with those verses yesterday was mind blowing to me. Before I go on and lay my lessons bare on this page I will like to take a little detour and just write about the woman.

The Shunamimite woman in this story was someone who had a heart, a problem, and a God. She was like every normal human being just living through life’s motions. She was content and there is no record as to whether like Hannah who had similar problem in the bible she prayed tirelessly. Nothing was said about whether her faith was great or small but from her actions we can depict she had faith. She was about service to others and while providing this service she found the solution to her problems. Could it be that the solution we required to fix our problem is tied to our service of making other people’s lives better (this is another lesson for another day). So before you knock yourself on whether you have faith or not or whether you are praying enough or not know this God is near and He hears even the words we don’t utter. If you read 2 Kings 4 the full account of the Shunammite woman you will know that is true. She never uttered a word to the prophet about her problem but God still led the prophet to speak a prophecy that met her need.

Now to my lessons learnt from the Shunammite woman. I learnt that we can choose to bleed panic to others or we can choose to remain calm and speak life when faced with life’s biggest uncertainty. As the woman climbed up to see the prophet, the prophet sent his servant to go down and meet her and ask her series of questions regarding her sudden visit and her response wasn’t even an option on the menu of questions the servant served her. Her response was “EVERYTHING IS FINE’’. She was falling apart inside, all hell was breaking loose in her home, her only child just died what could be the worst blow….she was bleeding on the inside but she chose not to bleed out panic on the people around her. She chose to operate from the place faith and SPEAK LIFE first before she gets into sharing her story.

That brings me to my second lesson from this woman’s story. I learnt that the story is not the problem but how we choose to share the story can leave us trapped or can help us get solution. Didn’t another portion of scripture put it clearly that the power of LIFE and DEATH is in the tongue.(Prov 18:21) This woman understood this and before she shared the story the way the world programmed that the story be share she let the faith on the inside inspire her response. She could have just said what the problem was and stayed with her story of negativity but she chose to operate from a place of faith and SPEAK LIFE.

In the end she got her situation changed because the story ends in her son been raised back to life by the prophet. I won’t lie I’ve not being one to say the right things always and not bleed panic on people but as I meditated on that portion of scripture I knew it was time to do right and start SPEAKING LIFE. I knew it was a call yet again to me as I run my race and face life on a daily basis to live from the place of faith and continue to call those things that are not as though they were.(Romans 4:17). Life will beat at every one of us that’s one thing that is certain but our response to life is what separates us and our outcome from others.

May our responses always inspire faith that brings about solutions to our problems. May we always be conscious of the response we give when life questions stares us in the face. May we learn to operate from the place of faith and SPEAK LIFE over our situations. May we always let what God put on our inside inspire us to choose not to let panic bleed from us to others.

You are not alone just continue to SPEAK LIFE.

I know I have not blogged as much as I love to or as much as you would like to read from me. I’m working on it and things will get better. Thank you for all the likes that come through on my post and thanks to all of you following. The fact that you are reading encourages me to write. Please do leave a comment on your lessons from the Shunnamite woman’s story. We are here to help each other. I love to read from you. You can also share my inspirational posts on your blogs but please make sure you reference source. I love you all.

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