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Don’t stop PUSHING!!


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (‭Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭28‬ NIV)

If you’ve been in the delivery room with an expectant mother you’ll understand the importance and significance of strength to an expectant mother. As soon as the contractions are coming the midwife is in her ear encouraging her to stay on course. Contractions are painful and it increases gradually but that is also the moment a mother has to push. The survival of her baby depends on her ability to push in spite of the pain. If she gets tired or can’t push she risks her life and her baby’s life. 

It’s the same thing in life when you are trying to birth purpose you have to learn how to push with every painful contraction. You don’t give up because it gets hard or because you feel alone.The time it gets harder the most is the time you must get stronger. The mother can’t start the pushing when contractions are far apart the moment contractions get closer the pain increase but in the midst of that increased pain it’s time to push the baby out. Life might be dealing you several blows in this moment when your purpose is about to be birth but that is the point you must be ready to push.Before you got to this point everything might have been okay and all of a sudden the threshold of pain increases and things look like they are falling apart in that split second and if you are not careful you start to question your purpose and start to blame life and yourself for ever thinking you had the strength to prevail and birth destiny. The increase of the pain doesn’t mean the end of your birth. Your destiny doesn’t finish because the pain pangs get unbearable but if there is anything significant about the closeness of contraction it’s that the time of delivery is here. So when you feel like everything is falling apart that’s the moment you need to start reminding yourself that the time to birth your destiny is just around the corner and you can’t get tired of pushing until you see your purpose revealed.

The work of the midwife is to know the timing and what to do to get the baby out alive and healthy. The midwife is the voice that speaks in the ears of the mother telling her she can make this moment happen and the midwife does all in her power to let the mother know she’s not alone in that moment.Expectant mothers don’t get to the delivery room and start asking for the qualification of the midwife she just has enough faith that if the midwife has been assigned to her then she knows she’s qualified to take the delivery. The midwife doesn’t cut contractions but she stays around reassuringly so the mother to be knows she is not on her own.God is more qualified than any midwife but most of the time we question His qualification and start asking Him to prove to us He’s able to bring us out of this pain and deliver our destiny. We expect Him to cut the pain and assume that the presence of pain means the absence of God. We say things like “if God is in this with me why do I have to go through so much to get what I want”. 

We can’t let pain make us doubt the existence of God. The pain you go through doesn’t rule out the victory. I have learnt that victory after pain makes us appreciate our victory even more. God is speaking in your ears and His presence is surrounding you even if like the mother about to give birth your pain clouds the moment and you can’t seem to tell who is around or who is not. In the midst of pain the mother has to listen to the command of the midwife otherwise she will push when she’s not ready. No matter what threshold of pain she’s battling she has to listen to the command and push in the moment otherwise it will be a waste of her strength if she pushes when the midwife hasn’t asked her to push and if she continues to push out of order she wears herself out and wears the baby out and loses strength to deliver her miracle in the moment. Make sure you are listening to God and not trying to force yourself because you think you understand this process more than the one who is here to help you birth the purpose. Your bundle of joy will be delivered but stay in the process and DON’T STOP PUSHING. What is coming out is going to be more beautiful than the pain you are experiencing there is purpose in the pain DON’T STOP PUSHING.


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