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The Journey (not just our destination) teaches us Lessons as well!!!


The above quote from Mandy Hale's book (I’ve never been to Vegas but my luggage has been) struck a chord in me when I read the book earlier in the year and each time I see the quote it continues to minister to my spirit. Too many times we wait to get to a destination before we look to find the life lessons embedded in it. We all want to arrive, we all want to find and hold the treasures, trophies and spoils of our war but sometimes the “destination” is just “the destination” but the true lessons are embedded in the journey. 2014 is about coming to a close. It’s been 12 chapters long and several pages but somehow some of us have a way of waiting for the end of it to really see that we find those things we wrote on our vision board and prayer list before we admit it’s a good year or that the year taught us anything that has improved our person and equipped us with the wisdom to help someone else on their journey to purpose. Let’s face it maybe you didn’t start the business as you expected but you took time out to build yourself and prepare for the destination, you learnt how to build your brand, you built your network and have some really great relationships now that you didn’t have last year or the year before that. Agreed you didn’t get to your destination but you didn’t give up either and the truth is you are closer and more prepared to get that business off the ground than you were before.
Maybe you didn’t get the promotion you felt you deserved but you learnt how to put your best foot forward and do all it takes to demand what you really believe you deserve.

Don’t get it twisted I’m not a traveller who never want to get to the destination or a warrior who never cares to be the champion but life has taught me that the process is as important as the end and I can’t always base my wins on just what I get for completing my race sometimes the fact that I took part in the race is a blessing on its own and the lessons I learnt is as valuable as the prize I get from winning the race.

This year I decided I was going to be more intentional about living and not just take what is thrown on my plate, I told myself I was going to get better with everything and be the best of me. I knew this was a challenge because going up against your past is much tougher than looking over your shoulder at someone else because you know “you” and all you have to change and how daunting it is to win against the personal records you set in the past. You understand that you’ve stayed the same because you’ve not pushed too hard or because you lacked motivation or you just never saw a reason to change any of those routine that never serve you to be better. You know you have to win over complacency and set a new record in your personal routine of reading, exercising, communication, diet etc. I knew I was going to have to hold myself to some higher standards and discipline than I’ve done in the past if I am to be better than I was before. I pushed myself because I knew to be intentional meant you are not waiting on people to get you to do things and by doing this I learnt a lot of lessons about myself.

I learnt I’m stronger than I think I am and more resilient than I ever gave myself credit for. I learnt it’s ok to choose me and to walk away with my head held high instead of playing the blame game when out of my own lack of discernment the people I give my commitment to turn out to be users. I learnt that when I fall I don’t stay down I have only one option and that is to get up and keep going. I learnt that sometimes my mind could be thinking ‘no’ but my actions won’t align and I’ll fall right on my face doing the things I said I wouldn’t do but also the fact that I didn’t align my actions with my words don’t rule me out of life’s race I must get up and find my alignment and comeback swinging harder next time I’m faced with the same situation and as long as I keep rising and keep going I will find alignment and I will win. I learnt that sometimes the only thing standing between us and our goal is our inability to get out of our own way and go after what we say we truly deserve. I learnt that I can walk away from things and people that are not serving me and my greater purpose. I learnt that personal discipline is the key to trumping your past and soft answers really turns away wrath. If you put your mind to it you can really change the things that are within your reach and you can live comfortably with that change.

Hands on heart the result of 2014 didn’t turn out as pretty and perfect as I would want it but it’s amazing how much peace I have as I round off this year. The tunes I played and the pitch I sang wasn’t perfect all through and the truth is I wasn’t going for a year that was halfie halfie, my game plan was to win it all even though this didn’t happen on all sides I’m glad i played the hand I was dealt without being a coward in the face of all that came. I stand at the finish line of 2014 to say thank you to the God who brought me through every step of the way. The very God I failed many times but who still forgave and yes I have a smile on my face not because everything is perfect but because I have being stretched and I am grateful to God and give Him the praise due Him.

Let’s me be honest I’m smiling because the stretching made me wiser, stronger ,better and the mistakes grew me and I can walk away from this year knowing His grace brought me through one more time. So whether I didn’t get all the things on my vision board sorted I’m thankful I still got God,family and friends who believe I’m worth the love and who are still cheering for me. This year I’m smiling because my level of honesty with myself reached an all new high and I got my routine in good gear. I’m still a work in progress and I believe the journey always teaches us so many lessons if we truly pay attention to the messages. It’s great to have all our request granted from our vision board but it’s more amazing to know our lives have been enriched by everything that came our way and by our resolve to be a better person. I pray we all have a better 2015 where we count more wins. Cheers to a great journey in 2015 and don’t wait till the end to count your wins. Stay wining all day everyday.
In Christ alone my hope is found. Cheers to the NEW YEAR!!!

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