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It’s okay to start over!!!


Sometime ago I set out to go to a particular mall on the outskirts of town with my sister and her beautiful baby. I knew the mall I wanted to go to and I was certain I was headed in the right direction. As I drove I started seeing road signs that read different from what I was familiar with I thought to myself that something was wrong. At first I didn’t want to tell my sister we had lost our way because I wasn’t quite ready to admit it to myself that I had missed my turning and I am now lost but the reality set in as I continued to journey I found my car was now cruising down the motorway and I was in actual fact headed for another city.
In that moment i knew I had to make a decision and to do this I knew I had two options either to continue to let my pride guide me to keep driving forward to “nowhere land” and continue to stay lost for a bit longer than necessary or to stop ask for help to locate the nearest exist and return back. Because this was an actual journey it was easy to know the right choice to make….There would be no sense in actually staying lost a little longer and continuing a futile trip, burn my fuel, waste precious time and put a little baby through unnecessary stress by keeping her cramped in a car sit that feels nothing like her comfy cot.
I swallowed my pride parked my car made my AA call which was quite futile because I couldn’t explain exactly where I was. I took a deep breath held myself together and made it for the nearest exit that gave me a chance to turn back and actually head in the direction of my desired location. Turning back took me past familiar routes, gave me a chance to be closer and in the direction of my desired destination and as I drove further and further I started to see people who were now actually helpful to making it to my destination.Eventually we got back into town and we made our way back home.
Life sometimes isn’t clear cut where your options are really black or white but the same principle applies. Sometimes we set out on a destiny journey with somebody, for something and to a particular place but somewhere along our sojourn we realise that we are not actually on the right path and what we have staring at us makes it clear that from all indication we have lost our way and even though we are lost and we are certain that we are lost and we have choices to make to find our way back home somehow we continue to go further choosing to stay completely lost because we are too afraid that cutting loose and going back will mean we have to go it all alone and we just hate that we have to start again.
So instead of turning back we keep going hoping that through some stroke of faith we will automatically find Sinbad with his magic carpet to take us back home or we will find some knight in shinning armour or even perhaps Clark Kent in his full regalia swooning in to help us fly back to our destination.
Because of fear we continue to stay stuck to wrong people, places, careers or whatever just because we think we are too far gone and we can’t possibly start over. We start our own pep talk that reinforces our belief in a lie that all road leads home but let’s face it all road doesn’t lead to our home and the honest truth is this “it makes no difference how much distance you have covered in the wrong direction as long as you continue to push a dead end you will never make it to your destination“.
Tell yourself the truth and be true to God and His calling on your life. Always evaluate your journey to ensure you are going in the right direction of your purpose. Don’t stay stuck if it’s not working, if it’s the wrong path don’t make excuses find your way back home.
Your purpose is too large and too beautiful for you to sacrifice it cheaply on the altar of futility just because you don’t want to ruffle feathers or just because you are afraid you’ll be standing alone. Take your chances of dropping dead weights you may have carried for too long and put yourself back on the journey to finding your true purpose carved out by the only true God.
There is nothing and nobody worth sacrificing your purpose for. Nobody said it will be easy but in the end finding the right path for your life where you thrive in your true purpose is worth all the sacrifice even if that sacrifice require you to retreat and start over. Scott Fitzgerald said it best I hope you live the life you are proud of and if you find you are not I hope you have the courage to start over.

You will make it if you don’t quit on you.


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