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DEDICATION…….give it your all and then some more!!!


We live in a world full of starters and only a few get on their grind day after day to put in the work needed to become better than they were yesterday in other to achieve the success they claim they deserve. We have people who have great starts and good intentions but somehow lack the commitment to put work in to actually achieve the result they so desire. It’s indeed a good thing to start and it’s awesome to have great intentions but all that will not be enough to get you the result you desire in your life if you don’t get up and get DEDICATED to work for your end result that you passionately desire.

Yes “DEDICATION” the ten letters that separates the winners from mediocre and achievers from zeros. The dictionary defines DEDICATION as the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. At the beginning of this year we all sorta wrote our goals and visions and what we want our lives to look like on a personal, career, finance and relationship level but for the most part some might have just forgot to go to work on them.

You can’t expect to get the good and an improved version of yourself and anything if you are not working at anything. I know this to be true because I’ve experienced it in my life. To really succeed and be a better person we must bear in mind that our own resolution to succeed is more important than anyone thing (Abraham Lincoln). You need to quit playing games and start working, start committing time and effort to get what you truly claim you deserve. Don’t give yourself excuses to pass the book on your growth because what you want to be and how to be it lies with you. You have what it takes but it will take everything you’ve got.

Maybe the process is long, maybe you quit from it because others didn’t believe in you, maybe you got tired along the way, maybe you stopped writing (or whatever thing) because it didn’t get many likes on Facebook, Instagram, or many retweets on twitter, or just maybe the work is hard…. Whatever the excuses are I dare you to push past it. If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride and never quit you will be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards (Bear Bryant).

We can’t let people’s shiny lives and story fool us into believing things just happen without any effort or commitment on our part. I don’t think there is one person that became great that didn’t have to stay dedicated to their craft. Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving they make mistakes but they don’t quit (Conrad Hilton).

So in your personal development goal to make certain milestones you set yourself brilliant goals which could include weight loss goals, career move goals or any other goals but just because things haven’t happened at the shortest time possible you quit and give up on yourself, you stopped honing your skills and started paying attention to the voice of critics in your head- those critics who already told you it won’t happen for you, you can’t lose the weight, you can’t become a good writer, that career isn’t for your type, you will never be able to beat that addiction or control that anger, that “type” of good life is not for your type…. Their words go on and because of them you got sidetracked and got off your “dedication to self” train and stopped putting work in to get better.

Let’s be clear there is a difference between honest criticism and people talking you down and out of what you claim you deserve simply because they are afraid they will be left behind once you find your life and once you become better. So what these people who have lost their own vision and drive to a better life do is to kill your own drive and vision so that you all stay average together.

But I need you to be aware that our time is limited so we can’t waste it on living someone else’s life or stop because of someone’s opinion, we can’t be trapped by dogma-which is living with he results of other people’s thinking. We can’t let the noise of others opinion drown our own inner voice or kill our own dedication (Steve Jobs words paraphrased and amended by me).

So like I’m telling myself in this moment I’ll like to tell you too it’s time we got back to the drawing board and get dedicated to our goals and vision of growth and success. Let’s not lie to ourself that it’s hard or it’ll happen without any effort. Good things don’t come by folding of hands, treasures aren’t found on the surface people committed to finding treasures dig down until they find it otherwise,if treasures were found on the surface everyone will pick diamonds and it’ll be worthless. Keep putting the work in, keep praying and believing and stay dedicated. You have what it takes to be a better you and a successful you.

Give it your all and then some more….We win only if we don’t quit.

6 thoughts on “DEDICATION…….give it your all and then some more!!!

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  2. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this piece. It means a lot to me. As for the link trade agreement I’ll look into it and I might just take you up on the offer lol. Keep your head up and have a great week. Cheers

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