You alone are enough… You have nothing to prove to anybody~Maya Angelou

I wrote this piece a while back and I’ve always revisited it each time I have a  day that I sort of struggle with accepting myself and all of my goodness. There are days we are as high as a rocket and we believe we can take on the world and there are some days when we all struggle a little bit to accept that we are enough.

We look for definitions, labels, tags and people’s opinion or affirmation to prove to us that we are enough. We wait on people around us to hand us some piece of hope and we get upset each time their picture doesn’t seem to depict that they think big for us.

“Forget about the little they saw or still see for you. You are capable of seeing bigger for your life. Don’t blame them for not seeing big enough for your destiny.

You can’t let other people’s blurry picture determine your own vision. You are capable of painting your own super-sized picture and going after it. It’s never about them it’s all about you. 

Don’t lose the ONE VOTE and the ONE VOICE that matters most while chasing after thousands of opinions. You can win all by yourself but you’ve got to believe you deserve it. You’ve got to believe it in yourself and want it for yourself. Nobody can hand you what you deserve you have to see it first and get up and go get it.

Don’t let anybody deceive you…. YOU are all you need plus your faith in God. Even when they don’t think you are and even when you struggle to believe it or when you don’t think you are…… Best believe it…….


You will make it.