Goodbye 2013 …You were so good to me!!!


No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead …Bible Phil 3:13

It’s been an awesome year no doubt about that, so much to be thankful for,so much memories to cherish and definitely some things to forgive in people,places and above all in ourselves. We made it this far by grace only.
As it’s my custom I did a final combing through my personal development plan today I’ve been at it for about a month just taking stock and checking how far I have come. This is not in comparison with anybody but in comparison with myself. Outdoing my past is what I’m about and every year I aim at being an improved version of myself.
Looking back I see there were some areas I can boldly say I did good at and went so high on the scoreboard, there were some I didn’t do as well as I would have loved to do and there were some I couldn’t even score *covers eyes*. Years back I would be beating myself up over the many things I didn’t get finished or the many mistakes i made, many shortcomings and the many promises broken. As I take a journey down memory lane today I am thankful instead I am not beating myself up over things this isn’t to say that i’m not concerned that I didn’t get it all right at every point but this is to tell me I have lived through the good,the not so good and the coulda!woulda !!shoulda!!!.
If there’s anything I have learnt about drawing a Personal Development Plan for myself it is the fact that I should allow room for even my short comings for all of the things I did not achieve makes all the ones I achieved worth it and makes me know I still have so much to aspire to. I’ve learnt to accept that all the things I see is happening for me and every single day is a good day to start afresh and get it right. The journey to personal development isn’t flawless and the fact that you did not tick all ur boxes 100% doesn’t mean you are not on track or you are not developing. Those things I didn’t achieve gives me a reason to push further in the new year with more tenacity and determination to get it right and be the best me there is.
So today, in this moment I recommend we do only one thing let go of the mistakes. Let us remain thankful for the things we got right. Going forward into 2014 let us ensure that where we fell in 2013 will be our highest rising point in 2014. Don’t let the fact that you stumbled or didn’t finish the way you would have loved cause you to give up your journey to becoming the most effective and efficient you because you. The good news is you are still in the race and you can still make everyday count for something GREATER,something MORE and something MONUMENTAL than what you settled for in 2013. Rise up and put your best foot forward and be present in 2014.
Get the note pad out write out what you want to achieve and what you want to see of yourself. We can be all we dream of if we don’t let other people’s vision or our own moments of weakness steal the strength in our pursuit.
We are made for more but we won’t get it if we don’t go after it. Set you goals in 2014 don’t just write them down and go to sleep do something no matter how little every single day. You will make it only if you don’t give up on yourself.
I’m a firm believer in the fact that people are always instrumental to our pursuit. They teach us, they help us,they hurt us and build us all at the same time. To the many people who I have in my corner this year, people who saw the sincerity of my heart even when my action could have been deemed faulty, people who fought for me even when I didn’t deserve a chance to those who whispered words of hope when I thought my faith was not strong enough to carry me through,to friends who became family and to family who doubled as friends,to the people who sheltered me when life rain poured so bad as I made my journey through 2013. To those who whispered words to strengthen my tenacity when I was too fragile and wanted to quit. I say a big thank you. I wouldn’t be here today if you didn’t believe in me and if you didn’t care enough.
To God most High I’m thankful for the opportunities you sent my way in 2013, thankful for the battle you equipped me to fight and win. I’m always shocked every single day how you believe I will weather some things. Your forgiveness found my patched soul when I was too weak to help myself. This life can’t thank you enough.
With faith in me and with Jesus joy I head into 2014 a future that seem so far some years ago. So, here’s to all the friends, opportunity, growth, development and fun that awaits. Let’s make every moment in 2014 count.

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