When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 1 cor 13:11 (NIV) bible
Wisdom speaks in everything you have to be ready to listen ….Timi Pudie
Don’t ever give up on yourself or your dreams or your destiny. Don’t let a (bad) moment become a lifetime. Don’t get stuck in life. There’s more peace, more joy, more victory…..Lisa Osteen Comes
The broken pieces of our dreams do not just cause great pain they do more than that,they bring with then INVALUABLE WISDOM and teach us great life lessons that we couldn’t have learnt otherwise. These lessons open us up more, causes us to pay close attention to our core values and beliefs, matures us, shows us wisdom to deal and help us relate better with the larger world and the people in it.
One of the most valuable lesson we learn from our broken pieces is LETTING GO, not building a monument around any moment, events or persons. My broken pieces matured me and helped shape the way i view experiences, they taught me how to relate to new experiences without looking from a tainted glass. Through my broken pieces i understood what it is to fight fair and play for keeps. I understood that we are not defined by failure and we don’t let failure get the better of our heart. I also learnt how to react appropriately with success without letting success get to my head. I learnt that because it’s broken doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed but sometimes you’re are best leaving it broken because starting over is just the best option to take.
My broken pieces also taught me an invaluable lesson about people. When people tell you who they are you have to believe them, don’t try to carve out another definition for them or look for deeper ways to read the script they play out. We all know ourselves better so take the version they tell you ( through words or action) and roll with it. If you can’t build something worthwhile on the version of them they give off then keep it moving staying around too long will only be a waste of your time and theirs and there’s no dignity in such. Maturity helps us understand that people change when they want to and not when you want them to. It takes collaboration between them and the only higher source (GOD) to change. Value people and accept them for who they are and what they’ve told you, love them regardless but define your stand so nobody is making your life their ‘chillout’ spot where they hang out without no real commitment to making you a better person.
When people want out, give that to them without trying to reason their exit with them. It’s what they want and it’s what they get. I remember an ex wanting out and even though I gave the out easily I was upset he didn’t pay me a visit when I heard he came to my city. Really childish but trust me that never happened again with anyone because I got better and knew better so i was able to deal with people’s exit out of my life without reading any meaning to it or putting myself down for failing in relationships that i thought should work. For the most part most of us often think people will remember all the fun and good times and they’ll reconsider but that’s not always the case,maturity and wisdom will explain to you that when people want to go they want to go and if you really do love them and value yourself you let them go, not partially but permanently.
People wanting an exit is hard to deal with and most times one of the reasons this may be hard is because we think their leaving means we are losing but truth be told when people leave you DON’T LOSE ANYTHING. Be clear on one thing your future isn’t tied to those who want out of your life. Their job is done let them go. They are the past and ain’t no future in. It’s doesn’t make them the villain in your life story and it doesn’t make you a loser or a bad person either. It just means in the here and now they are better off with others and you are destined for greater things too with another person/people. Your story will still be colourful because God wrote it so. Learn the lessons so you can do better next time you get a chance at love or friendship.
Don’t be too hard on yourself when you fall short especially when you know you did all you knew how to do. When we know better we do better. Ain’t nobody perfect we are all work in progress and you need to know that all the things you call failures are just your pile of experiences to help you move free and soar higher in life and also to help another person save time on their life’s journey. Let this truth guide your heart your peace is bigger than your pain, your life mission is far larger than your mistakes. Don’t let the broken pieces silence you or kill your dreams. Paint your canvas and hold on to God because you are not finished yet you are just about starting.
Life is all lessons may we keep the lessons and grow into an improved version of ourselves everyday. May we do better, be better, think better, love better regardless of what we’ve seen or heard. May we not let our broken pieces cast a shadow on our hope robbing us of the joy of trying one more time. May we always come back swinging with faith that our dreams are still possible. May we always remember that we are who we are (UNIQUE) and nobody can take that away from us. May we forever give ourselves room to mature and continue to dream. May we always show up when our opportunities call. May we believe we are made for more and a broken piece shouldn’t define our journey.Our dreams don’t end because we were broken our dreams end when we give up fighting. Keep going we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS.

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