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But we’re not quitters who lose out. Oh, no! We’ll stay with it and survive, trusting all the way. Bible Hebrews 10:39(MSG)
As  a kid I thought adults never had problems. Somewhere in my mind I thought because they are grown they had life all figured out and there’s a manuscript where they get step by step  guide on dealing with life. I thought when I get to that age my parents would hand me the “dealing in life”manuscript a step to step guide for finding happiness and living one day at a time. But as an adult I discovered that adults just LIVE amidst all that life throws at them. 
It’s no longer news that life happens to all of us but what is news is how we deal with it. As we do life on a daily basis there will be ups & downs and everything in between, sometimes we won’t like the cards we are dealt but that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel or quit playing.  It’s a new year for me and i’ve decided more than ever before to pay more attention to how I play on life’s field, I want to own my stage more and add value more that’s why we are here in this life. Life so far has taught me that some seeds will not bring the harvest you want but it’s still ok to sow anyway, God will send the harvest you should get when you should get it, some prayers will not get answered the way you want but praying is still the coolest thing you’ll ever do as a Christian, and when you don’t seem to understand God or see His hand you can always trust His heart. 
What we face are not meant to break us  we just need to know how to suck it up and continue to play. Some things happen to teach us a lesson and some happen to usher us into our dream.I pray life never robs us of our desire to continue playing through all of life’s season. I pray we stay focused for when we lose the desire to continue playing we give a chance to hopelessness. There is nothing as devastating as giving up hope that tomorrow will be a better day and our dreams will be a reality. Each time we give up hope we pass on growth, maturity, progress, joy and happiness. In all you do NEVER stop playing because you think the weather isn’t favourable or the odds are stack against you.
Thanks to  my ride or die family and friends who I continue to do life with. It’s hard going on by myself in this world and having you all in my life makes me believe I’m doing something right. For what it’s worth because you are watching and cheering I’ll keep playing no matter what life throws. I promise you also that I’ll be holding my Pom poms and cheering loud for you as you play in life. Please don’t ever stop playing because you only win when you are still in the game.

2 thoughts on “KEEP PLAYING

  1. Really inspiring, Our victory is assured cos GOD is for us. Nice write up 2 usher in d weekend.(Parents actually 4got 2 hand over d manuscript….lol)

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