In the beginning God said let us make man in our own image and after our likeness that they may have dominion in the earth. God proposed to create me like Him, He wrote the script for my life and He set the stage.
In this EPIC script written by the Alpha and Omega i’m chosen as LEAD not a supporting actress. He put in me everything I will require to act my part excellently and like every producer with an intention God’s intention wasn’t to write a script that will win at the box office as good as that sounds that’s way too small. His intention was to create a GLORY for Himself through my STORY.
In this epic script and in this journey God has put people in my path with whom I’m meant to act some of them will be the good people and some will be the villain but it really doesn’t matter what role anyone plays because the story is about my life and it’s centred around me to give glory to God.
As I go on acting out this script,people will point at my mistakes(and yes they are many), my failures will stand to get a vote, disappointment, weaknesses and everything in between will scream out my name just so i can turn and be distracted and settle for second place instead. But I refuse to let their voices force me to settle for a supporting role when I’m cast as lead. I refuse to let shoulda, woulda, coulda have a greater voice than my HOPE and my FAITH. I refuse to let the obstacles that appear stop me from seeing the GRACE that holds my hand every step of the way. I refuse to take backseat when He’s made me a king and a priest and chose me to walk on high places.
This is my story!this is my stage!! what you see is what should be. Every turn,every twist, every high, every cheer, every ovation, every MOMENT the Maker planned to showcase this MASTERPIECE. I may not be anyone’s best but the MASTER chose me and predestined me because I’m the BEST He could cast for this role.
Be encouraged & celebrate your uniqueness. You are the best person for the job. There’s a reason we go through all we go through,our TESTIMONIES only come from our TESTS. This purpose will not be fulfilled without YOU. We were all designed to give God glory so ROCK YOUR STAGE LIKE ONLY YOU CAN.

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