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You Changed my Life

Today 27th October 10 years ago, my life changed, my world shook and a defining moment was birth. It was school holidays and I had plans to enjoy my break as best as I could but little did I know that my journey for the rest of my life without an earthly father was just about to begin.

Daddy and his girl took a drive out of town, the motorway wasn’t busy and like every other time my dad wowed me with his sense of precision in driving. He took every turn carefully, overtaking when necessary and easing off the accelerator gently to avoid going over the speed limit.

We were enjoying our ride until someone’s mistake happening outside found its way on our turf. Dad did the bravest thing with the little time he had left, he managed to swing the wheels…. but how far can you swing the wheels to avert evil in a sudden moment to save your life? Dad was brave in that moment and as I’ve grown and processed that episode I gleaned a life lesson that “Giving up in the face of life’s sudden twist is not an option, you must continue to do all you can do”.Had my dad not done what he did based on the God given wisdom we would have ended up under the trailer and not one soul would have made it out of the car alive.

Standing at the edge of the motorway covered in blood and watching my dad struggle- my life flashed before my eyes and a sense of purpose was further drummed into me and I knew again with more clarity that “people are the only resource that matter and family will forever be the greatest asset we are blessed with”. At that moment wisdom explained to me that I can’t continue to major on minors and no matter how high some things may scream they just won’t make priority list and I must learn to choose my battles and focus my strength and cherish every moment I have with the great people I’m blessed with.

My faith in God was rebirth through that incident. My dad lived his life telling me but more importantly showing me God dependence and as this episode played out I knew it was time to stand and be a faith girl, knowing God for me. I knew if I was going to make the rest of my life’s journey without bitterness, depression and a sense of loss hanging heavy on my shoulder and holding me down from my God ordained destiny then I needed to make God my anchor. God continues to wow me and he stands true to His word as the father of the fatherless.

Can I quantify my dad’s life- NO, not here, not now, not on this page and definately not ever. His death reminds me everyday that we are time bound on this side of eternity. We are individuals on a mission and we have to continue to live on purpose adding our unique individuality to the human race, touching lives and giving back in ways that we are empowered and inspired to. We can’t just exist as a completion to balance out the Eco system. We were created to make impacts in our families and in the lives of those around us.

Dad the whole world may not have known or heard your name but in the course of doing life you touched the life of the many people you were opportune to meet. You touched your family and prepared your little girl for life even before she was ready to face it. I’m stronger because you lived and taught me faith.

Saying my dad is one in a million is saying I’ll meet someone like him someday and that’s a lie. So i put it this way He was one in a GENERATION and nobody will ever be what he was. I speak for his queen,prince and princesses …….Dad you changed our lives and we have grown to understand God, purpose, faith, love and life.

Thank you for living your life the way you did. Even time cannot erase what you said, who you were and the impact you made on us. We continue to pass on your legacy of giving and helping in the ways we can. Amidst all the challenging things we face living without you is most challenging but God’s grace continue to lead us as we live everyday. Dad you may be gone but you will not be forgotten .

4 thoughts on “You Changed my Life

  1. Beautiful piece. It shows how much you have metamorphosed over the years. 10 years?? Wow!! Feels like yesterday. You have made your dad proud by turning the lemons of life into lemonades. Well-done my friend

  2. soooo touching! am shedding tears. may he continually rest in the bosom of our Lord and the peace of God that has cant u ,ur mum, and ur siblings would never leave u. it is well with u dearie..

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