YOU are better than the JUNKS

“Forget about what has happened don’t keep going over old history, be alert, be present. I am about to do something brand new” Isaiah 43:19&20(msg)

“You stand in the threshold of a grand adventure the extent to which you experience the fullness of that journey is determined by the extent to which you let go of the scenarios that no longer serve you”—-Author unknown

As i prepared for work on a beautiful morning, I decided it was time to change my holdall and as I began putting contents from one holdall to the other I began to see some old stuff that I thought I had got rid of -some old tickets, post it notes and receipts which were dated back in the past and for which I won’t require any soothsayer to tell me these stuffs are not needed anymore and they won’t be needed in the future either.

As I continued this mundane task I had one of those moments when life speaks loudly to us and the spirit of God explains wisdom from seemingly foolish things. And at that point I saw that our lives are just like holdall which can take anything, significant or insignificant depending on what we allow. We just keep piling and it keeps holding.

Too many times we cling so tightly to yesterday basically because it’s familiar territory and we forget to live in the moment. We hold on to pain and hurts because we think we don’t deserve happiness. We blame ourselves for what went wrong in our world in the past and we stay content with the junk from yesterday because we think if we let go we’ll be left with nothing. We worry over things because we think that’s how we’ll find the solution.

We make up our mind it’s to risky to give hope a chance and it’s too tasking to dare to dream of new beginnings and brighter todays. We lie to ourselves we are okay with the junks and we build around them instead of giving it up.There are somethings, some people, and some old moments that have used up their time and finished their work with us but for some weird reasons we still cling so tightly to them/memory of them for dear life.We become hoarders of yesterday and junk up today with a past that should be tossed.

One of the truth about junks is that they take up reasonable amount of space that belong to valuable things and they blind us from seeing the good things we’ve got going for us. They stop us from hoping, from believing and from dreaming our way up. They block the good that is ordained for our lives and if we are ever going to go up and see the new horizons, we’ve got to know when to LET GO, where to LET GO and what to LET GO.

Don’t junk your today and don’t give anyone the liberty to junk up your world. God said to forget the former things so that we can recognise the new things He’s doing. Let the past be a teacher, learn from it for that’s how you develop 20/20 hindsight so you don’t keep making the same mistake. Once that lesson is learnt say good-bye to YESTERDAY don’t keep hanging on to it.

Let go and make room for the new and valuable things. Learn and believe there is a good in good-bye. You are better than the junks and too precious for the weight that shoulda, woulda, coulda brings.Stop worrying, let go and let God. You deserve to travel light, so say good-bye to the junks,embrace the NEW YOU and step into the NEW THING.

Have a junk free travel.

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