I heart the D.A.M.S.E.L (s)

I recently sat back and wondered when we damsels became too soft. At what point did we lose ourselves, our voice, our right to freedom and our liberty to rock our God given life in style to the praise of our God who is our first love and our Lord. I have read a lot of stories recently and heard a lot of things that make me look back at the feminine gender and wonder where we are getting it wrong. We hear of damsels all around the world taking their own lives because an important figure bailed on them. We hear of damsels all around the world sucking up to domestic violence because they are too afraid to find their voice or too afraid to ride alone forgetting lonely and alone are separate things. We hear of damsels around giving up on beautiful God given destiny because there is a twist on their happiness, most times settling for the immediate instead of holding out for the promise. Being a woman is synonymous to strength, it’s not a curse or a call to timidity but I think too many times us sisters around the world fall for the cliché “you can’t go too far without me”, “you are a weaker vessel so I’m boss of you” and many more cliché( fill in the space). We are strong women who have the power to steer faith, life, love and freedom for this generation and the next. We are emotional beings but emotions don’t trump reasoning and each time we allow this to happen we put ourselves in compromising situations and abuse the Makers (God) order.

Definitely a lot of damsels have been down the dark alleys of heartbreak at several times (if u haven’t thumbs up, you made it unscarred) and I get that it hurts when a supposed significant other bails because they think they have a life to live that does not accommodate you and your baggage. Sister it doesn’t matter the baggage -health, education, family et al whoever bails on you now will bail eventually it’s a matter of “when” not “if”. Their bailing isn’t about what you are or what you are not it’s about them and their choices so why go down because of their choice. Won’t you rather they bail now than blame you in the future for being the reason they are not living their dreams, that’ll be too much guilt and burden to carry. Truth be told not everyone will make it through your life book so don’t attach lifetime commitment to someone who is only a character in act 1 scene 1. They’ve played their part be strong and let it go.

We see damsels choose the addiction over liberty because they think they are beyond redemption. They give up and conclude if happiness was meant to find them, then it should have come by the 1st coach/train/bus in the early hours. You are not beyond redemption, truth is help came but somehow we were too busy to see and because it did not come wearing the colour we wanted, it was hard to recognise. Help is closer than the next person you see and HE (God) is still reaching out to help, just ask.

We see sisters fall cheaply to be number 2 choice, letting someone date them on the hush hush down low when they have the same right to- a walk down the aisle, a last name, a love that deserves to be on full blast for all to see and a happy ever after to a unique love story. Why hurt yourself and another damsel because you think you don’t have a right to your own clear path.The next time you intend to cause another damsel pain by taking their man think about the pain you’ll feel if that was you and just have this at the back of your mind -what you are doing might be the reason another damsel is gonna take the knife, find the bottles in pursuit of happiness, walk in the dark with a tainted definition of trust that becomes a burden they carry and the reason they miss opportunities- do unto others what you’ll have done to you. Life is a chain reaction let’s not be the one that starts a cycle that ruin others.

We are bound together by our strength, our pain and our experiences, so damsel the next time you decide to lie about that scar to cover up domestic violence and die in silence remember your courage to share and open up is your key to your liberty and the only help another damsel gets to make the right choice, so PLEASE speak up and speak the truth when we ask you about the scar because your living serves the sisterhood than your death. Whatever is coverered is not healed and that becomes a weak point the enemy uses to destroy us.

Don’t look for your happiness in one person it’s too much power to give to another and you get disappointed when you attach divinity responsibility to humans. We were sent to this world complete with everything that was meant to push us forward locked within us not outside; the task is to always reach out for our Maker for he holds the key to unlock our individuality. People are in our lives to compliment us, only God completes us make no mistake about that.

That you are living right and finding your happiness in the simple things of life is not saying you are checking out on the people in your life, it just means you are checking in on you, and in that way you won’t lose sight of what defines you. Don’t go after the bottles, the knife, the ropes and don’t suffer in silence you have other damsels you can talk to. Let’s not give up too soon if someone bails look at it this way- if mama killed herself after the 1st heartbreak she won’t meet papa and we won’t have you here to add your bright damsel colours to complete our unique damsel puzzle.

Find your voice damsel and go after what makes you whole. Believe in yourself and in your right to a happy ever after story God divinely mapped for you. Good things come to those who believe they deserve them. Damsels let’s make a choice to be strong and continue to find strength and our greatest happiness in our Lord bearing in mind that for every victory and right choice we make another damsel sees the light and finds the strength to live a happy life. Our walking is the reason why another damsel is empowered to jump and fly.

We need to take care of number 1(you) if we’ll be any use in helping our husbands, brothers, boyfriends & children find their happiness and be all God wants them to be. You can’t give what you don’t have and to get something you have to believe you deserve it. Go damsel chase after your Lord and go get what belongs to you. – Your happiness and peace of mind.

To all my purpose driven D.A.M.S.E.L (Daring Amiable Motivated Sisters Enjoying Life) who I know, who I talk to and to those I won’t see on this side of eternity but who are connected to me through facebook and twitter, whose life story is an inspiration to the next woman. We are God’s damsel (s) no matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done. I HEART YOU.

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