Note to SELF!!!

The woman I become is strengthened by the things I believe & the things I fight. Contrary to popular opinion I am not everywoman cos our God has cut for each of us a path similar yet so distinct.
The pain of my past makes mockery of the faith I profess and dares me to sing the redemptive song, the circumstances I face challenges the voice of hope so tiny but yet powerful.
Without question I walk my path and sing the redemptive song for the redemptive song is for always and hope ……..yes hope shines so bright and makes today good and tomorrow very colourful and beautiful.
I put my hand on its switch cos I know that no matter how dark the night, the presence of light dispels the dark, so yes I’m singing all the way and my hand is on the switch of hope.

Keep believing.Good things find its way to those who believe they deserve it.

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