We are better CONNECTED.

Me myself and I mentality is something we are familiar with. We want to be left alone, we hang the “do not disturb sign” everyday for 365 days and we fly solo just doing our own stuff. God knew we will get to this point of self sufficient mentality which is not in line with His way of thinking about our existence as humans hence He illustrated by His actions when He was going to create man the hallmark of His creation, He said Let us………. God created every other thing just by speaking them into existence without having any consultation but He knew to create something that will stand out as a MASTERPIECE of His work there needs to be a connection and an agreement that involved all of the Godhead. Through His action God showed that to birth something extraordinary you need to be in connection and in agreement and if this is the case why do we think we can get far flying solo?
Individually we can build something but if we partner together with God and connect with the people he brings in our lives then we can go farther than our individual energy can carry us. For where one individual’s creativity ends is where another person’s begins. We are blessed individually with different gifts and talents that can only produce to the capacity of one but when we bring our talents and gifts together, like a firework we spark and create extraordinary colours.
In today’s world people hire those who can work as part of a team because it’s a known fact that together: the burden is lighter, we create winning moments, the journey is more interesting and we fly higher. I know about being scared to let others in, truth be told our greatest and most rewarding moments will come through people and so also will our worst moments  but for the sake of the great destiny placed in our hands which is impossible to birth solo we have to put yesterday behind us and make bold to trust again.
It takes faith to connect with people and you will be connecting with the wrong person if you  don’t connect first to your source(God). For it is God who made us and gave us the assignment  and He knows those who are meant to go on the journey so we have to put our faith in Him first and put our hands in His and He will direct our path.
My life compass (Bible) makes it clear that on my own i can chase a thousand but when i join forces with another we will chase ten thousand. We can only go so far individually. We were not created to fly solo we are better connected to our source (God) and to the people He brings our way. 
Keep Living, Loving and Learning. Stay Connected.

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