Life is a beautiful journey and in all we do we need to pursue EXCELLENCE and give our very best every single day. There will be times we don’t measure up but we shouldn’t bury ourselves or write ourselves off. In order to grow and move forward we must learn from every experience and set ourselves goals that stretch us in our PURSUIT…………..

Today i stand

from the shackles that held me bound
A Phoenix out of ashes
An eagle that has no other mission 
but to soar
Running with Passion
not to prove anybody wrong 
but to prove the voices of limitation
from my past wrong
Cos those are the only enemy to my PURSUIT
I may not make the free throw the first time
and i may not fully understand what it is
to be my own shooting guard at life’s game
But I’ll keep working on my throws
I’ll keep aiming for the net
and I’ll keep fine tuning my skills
if today i don’t get it
tomorrow I’ll stand again on life’s court
I’ll make the throws again
with all sense of precision
this time I’m going to be shooting straight
into the net
When i make the net and I’m certain I WILL
God on my side this is not gonna be a one off
or the end of making  precise throws
Because I’m going to always 
stage a COMEBACK
that reveals a better me.

Pursue excellence in all things and you’ll find that happiness will not be far from you.Live life on purpose and trust God above all else.

You will MAKE IT.

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