Don’t Change the Song!!!

It’s a New Year and i know we all entered this year with a song of hope and faith. With our head held high and with faith locked in our hearts we decided we will start afresh and continue to hold on despite all that life threw in our corner in 2010. As you journey along it is true that the new will become old. Somehow you become complacent and slide back into the former ways of doing things and somehow the prayer request written 1st January seem to be taking too long to manifest. I just want to encourage you that no matter what you see or how it looks DON’T CHANGE YOUR SONG!!.I believe without a shadow of doubt that this will be one year to remember for good  but as the word of God says only those who believe to the end will be saved. Don’t let what people will say or are already saying change the song of hope you have. Let our God be true. You are more than you know and He has great plans for you this year and beyond.
Have a fabulous 2011. Live,Love,Learn and don’t let circumstances change your song.

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